Consulting and planning
of media infrastructure

TV camera locations:

Nowadays, most of the revenue of top clubs and national associations comes from TV rights, so ensuring the optimal location of cameras is a key priority. This may not be the case with smaller clubs, however they should still pay special attention to this aspect should the occasion arise in the future. Comprehensive TV coverage requires a large number of camera positions, located at different points around the stadium. Detailed specifications for these are provided by the broadcasters themselves and can also be found in other technical publications.TV cameras need to be placed on raised platforms as it is vital to ensure that the view of the cameras is never impeded by spectators at any time. This may mean that some seating capacity has to be sacrificed for such positions, same time avoiding extensive seat kills and related financial loss.

Orbitador provides independent consulting and engineering services for all kinds of venues in the field of media infrastructure.

Our main focus is on the ideal integration of camera positions by always keeping track with the sports associations’ latest guidelines. Our long lasting experience in sports broadcasting has shown that the planning of venues sometimes tends to overlook the medial aspects .

Orbitador’s consultancy activities are backed by a profound and longstanding expertise and experience. This service ist put to good use by helping venue planners to avoid the following – and very costly – planning mistakes:

1. Visual obstructions of spectators behind TV cameras,

2. audience blocking the cameras’ sightlines.

Orbitador calculates and analyses the sightlines of spectators and cameras on the venue. This helps the planner to better integrate the future venue’s architecture and media installation.

We provide cost-effective solutions if cameras have to be built into existing but spatially challenging facilities. Our comprehensive range of camera seats virtually covers any spatial and operational situation. Our camera seats eliminate problems which may arise from integrating a new camera position simply by lowering seat and camera as much as possible.

Our low shooters are combining perfect operability with a significant reduction of sight obstructions for a paying audience. Orbitador is able to supply venues with both fixed and mobile camera-seat models as venue organizers are usually facing fast-changing user requirements and therefore prefer to operate flexible and mobile equipment.
Venues don’t necessarily require fixed equipment only – the solution of choice can also be a mobile system.

All of our products are developed to meet the latest requirements of modern broadcasting and can be customised to meet your specific needs.