Orbitador Modular Camera Column

Technical specifications

Column diameters:
Module heights:
Base Plate:
22 cm + 30 cm
10 cm – 180 cm + X cm
40 x 40 cm
Weights and Loads
Modules weights:
Load capacity:
1 – 10 kg
150 kg


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The Orbitador camera column is a modular camera mount and can be stacked by modules from 10 centimeters up to any desired height. It has been designed for camera positions, where tripods cannot be used when space is restricted or camera positions are hardly accessible.

Using the Orbitador camera column, the spatial position of the camera always remains constant. The fixed installation of the system guarantees that the cameras can repeatedly be positioned with the millimetre precision for each event and avoids continual repetition of unnecessary and time consuming measurements, and eliminates sources of error.

Its rigidity and axial stiffness provides the needed base if using virtual applications such as virtual advertising as the accuracy of the camera position is constant and time consuming calibration must be done only once.

A fixed camera mount reduces the effort to bring equipment to the spot and enhances safety, as it is fixed to the building and helps to prevent cameras and other components from falling down as temporarily assembled equipment on a tripod can be a risk for people below such positions.

In terms of camera operation it helps to capture great shots while working in difficult locations with ease and comfort even if there is very little space for movement. The Orbitador camera column is mainly used in the stands, but can be mounted in any place or on any object.

It is easily mounted to the building by a base plate and adapted in height by modules allowing to get any operational height still remaining variable, even after installation. That means practically, that during installation the final hight can be chosen and changed again if needed, later. It comes with a 4 hole flat base or Mitchell mount allowing to mount any broadcast tripod head.