Orbitador only partners with qualified and certified experts for metal processing.

The design and manufacturing process of our products consequently guarantees a high level of durability and reliability.

The verifiable low level of systemic interference offers our customers a reliable equipment which rarely needs to be replaced. This makes our equipment highly cost-effective for the customer despite a relatively cost-intensive first investment.
The longevity of our products finally results in low costs.

The durability and longevity of our equipment respects the environment by saving raw materials and production-related energy.
After often up to 20 years in operation, we frequently repair and refurbish our delivered units cost-efficiently.
Moreover, more than 90% of materials and components can be recycled.

The manufacture of our camera seats and cable drums is exclusively based on the use of clean and homogeneous raw materials for the sake of their better recyclability in comparison to composite materials. Consequently, up to 97% of all Orbitador products consist of fully recyclable aluminum or steel.

This sorting accuracy allows for an almost complete recycling of the used materials making our systems both eco-friendly and cost saving.